For Exhibitors

Thrive OnBoard will match potential board members’ talents with local nonprofit organizations, in a relaxed environment that includes educational breakouts and networking. This unique event will bring people who live and work or have an interest in San Mateo County face-to-face with local nonprofits who advocate on behalf of diverse issues.

OnBoard 2017 is open to all Thrive and CEN members. 


Booth fee: $150. Registration goes up to $225 when you register after March 31st.

If you have a question regarding your membership, please email or Click Here to Join NOW and participate!

Watch our video regarding the importance of Board commitment and giving back to the community.

Acceptance of an application is not a guarantee of participation. Thrive will make the final selections based on the diversity of applications (e.g. missions, programs, size, and geographic locations of San Mateo County.)

Past OnBoard Events

2nd Annual OnBoard Event

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