Ecumenical Hunger Program – Bookkeeper

Responsible for overseeing and managing EHP’s financial records to satisfy governmental and audit requirements.  Promote EHP’s values of compassion, integrity, empowerment, respect, sustainability, teamwork with particular emphasis on integrity and sustainability.

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Primary Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for processing and updating all monetary donations

  2. Responsible for Processing credit card donations

  3. Enter credit card and PayPal donor information in Quickbooks

  4. Responsible for Paying bills

  5. Notify donor when credit card expires

  6. Responsible for setting up and updating all (including recurring) donations

  7. Responsible for cancelling donations

  8. Pay offsite contractor via PayPal

  9. Assist with maintaining files

  10. complete various forms                                    

Note: Duties and responsibilities shall include the principal functions of the job. The job description shall not be construed as a contract and is not a complete list of all miscellaneous, incidental or other duties which may be assigned during normal operations. Extra hours will be required during certain times of the year

Required Skills/Experience

1.      A minimum of three years professional bookkeeping experience

2.      College degree in accounting or similar field

3.      Experience with online payroll programs

4.      Proficient in online Quickbooks, Excel, and Word

5.      Non-Profit experience preferred, but not required

To Apply

Email Florence Wilson,