Gatepath – Help Me Grow Call Center Manager

The Call Center Manager, with support from the Gatepath Family Support Services Director and Manager, is responsible for launching the Help Me Grow call center and outreach in San Mateo County.  

HMG is a national model that builds collaboration across service sectors, including health care, early care and education, and family support. In San Mateo County, HMG is a grant-funded program that will offer families opportunities to ensure the optimal health of their children age 0-5 by supporting early identification of developmental concerns and providing referral(s) to link them to customized community resources. 

The successful candidate will both contribute to and execute the team’s vision for the Help Me Grow San Mateo County Call Center and Family and Community Outreach


Located at the McCarthy Center in Burlingame

During the launch phase, the Call Center Manager will be responsible for

  • Coordinating planning and implementation of a Help Me Grow system in San Mateo County

  • Participating in the development of protocols, systems and schedule for the Call center in collaboration with Gatepath staff and the call center consultant

  • Implementing the Call Center phone system including testing for QA

  • Participating in hiring process for other call center staff

  • Building team culture and norms

  • Interfacing with Call Center consultant to schedule staff training

  • Overseeing the development of the resource database

  • Serve as a liaison between Help Me Grow call center and Gatepath Family Support Services staff

  • Supervise Call Center staff to ensure that quality referrals and care coordination are provided according to policies, procedures and protocols

  • Facilitate and/or provide expertise or training to other staff  as necessary

  • Create and facilitate opportunities for communication and meaningful collaboration among involved systems

Some qualifications:

  • Bi-lingual in English and  Spanish or Asian languages

  • Demonstrated knowledge of early childhood development and/or experience in early intervention or family support programs for young children

  • Knowledge of best practices in family-centered care and family engagement

  • Experience in program development, planning, collaboration and evaluation and quality assurance.

  • Knowledge of and experience with the range of services in San Mateo County for children 0-5 years with special health care needs/ disabilities


For more information or to apply, please contact:
Kate Rozzi, Recruitment Specialist  |  650-600-4559  |