StarVista – Bilingual Mental Health Clinician

The candidate selected will engage in a variety of counseling and prevention activities targeted at individuals and groups experiencing or at high risk for problems related to substance abuse and mental health issues in Spanish and English. The candidate will provide individual therapy, group therapy and case management. Applicants need to be comfortable working at a treatment program with clients with challenging issues, liaising with a client’s multi-disciplinary team, and working as part of a team at Archway. Ideally a clinician would have experience working with substance use as well as mental health issues.


Archway provides Spanish and English court-mandated education and counseling sessions (group and individual) for adults convicted of domestic violence offences, drug possession, being under the influence of illegal drugs, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Participants learn about addiction, anger management, stress management and communication, as well as the legal and social consequences of their actions.


  1. Weekly Supervision with Clinical Supervisor and other as staff as appropriate

  2. Provide individual, group, assessment, and psycho-educational services for clients.

  3. Conduct appropriate assessments of clients and communicate results supportively and effectively with a focus on client strengths.

  4. Maintain confidential records and case notes documenting interventions with clients.

  5. Notify Program Coordinator or Director in case of an emergency or a situation requiring urgent consultation and/or supervisory assistance. Call the Department Director if the Program Director is unavailable for any reason.

  6. Participate actively in the assessment of clients and the development of client treatment

  7. Assist in required data collection, management, documentation and reporting in a timely manner.

  8. Follow all mandated reporting laws including but not limited to child and elder abuse reporting requirements.

  9. Participate actively in quality assurance efforts by adhering to policies and procedures and conducting audits.

  10. Responsibility for compliance with program guidelines regarding client behavior within the program.

  11. Participate actively in the assessment of clients and the development of client treatment.

  12. Other duties as assigned by the Program Coordinator, Program Manager, or Department Director.


  1. Demonstrable and verifiable clinical skills and experience in providing individual and group services. Significant understanding of special issues of individuals referred to substance abuse treatment through law enforcement avenues and individuals involved in multiple county systems. Demonstrable and verifiable clinical skills and experience in providing successful direct services to clients, including intake assessment, individual therapy, group therapy, crisis management, and harm reduction interventions.

  2. Strong ethical principles reflected in practice, including a thorough understanding of client confidentiality requirements, appropriate clinical record keeping, and federal/state laws governing services delivered in each program. Strong ethical principles reflected in practice, including a thorough understanding of client confidentiality requirements.

  3. Understanding of diversity issues, willingness to explore self in relation to these issues, and ability to provide culturally informed therapeutic services to diverse clientele.

  4. Ability to tactfully and genuinely hold and communicate a management perspective in addition to seeking staff input and demonstrating sensitivity to staff concerns.

  5. Ability to function as a member of a multidisciplinary team with diplomacy and professionalism.

  6. Strong organizational and communication skills.


Fluent in Spanish. A Master’s or Doctorate degree in Social Work, Psychology, or Counseling from an accredited program. Demonstrable and verifiable skills, abilities, and qualities commensurate with specific position requirements.


Experience working with substance abuse, trauma and the severely mentally ill. Lived experience of substance use. Familiarity with San Mateo County resources, and experience liaising with multidisciplinary teams. Drug Medi-Cal, Managed Care, and Avatar experience.


  1. Commitment to high standards in clinical practice and familiar with best practices in areas of clinical service.

  2. Adept at providing clinical services to clients.

  3. Enjoys working with adults involved in county systems. Strong interest in system integration efforts and case management.

  4. Strength based orientation to client’s assessment and treatment.

  5. Understanding of and ability to work within a “harm reduction” model of substance abuse treatment.

  6. Ability to work as a member of a management team and to promote positive team collaboration and functioning.

  7. Ability to work effectively with professionals from other organizations.

  8. Well-developed communication and organization skills.

  9. Ability to prioritize management tasks and meet deadlines.

  10. Collaborates actively with upper management to ensure the success of the program. Reflects strong, principled leadership approach to supervision and coordination/ management.

  11. Supportive of agency direction, purpose, and mission.

  12. Flexibility in meeting changing priorities as the work requires.

  13. Able to make logical and sound decisions for appropriate and effective results, understanding of when to seek help rather than use own judgment.


Please fax your resume and cover letter to Martha Greene at (650) 366-8455 or email at

StarVista is a private non-profit agency in San Mateo County that provides a wide array of free and low-cost services to help children, teens and adults who are dealing with substance abuse, domestic violence, mental health, relationship and communication issues. More information about the agencies and its programs can be found at