StarVista – Girls Program Coordinator

Oversight of day to day operations of GIRLS Program outpatient treatment center serving adolescent girls with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders. Coordinator is to provide individual, group, family and psycho-educational services for clients. Program Coordinator conducts intakes and assigns clients to clinician case loads and groups. Coordinator organizes officer of the day assignments. Coordinator oversees group therapy curriculums. Coordinator communicates with BHRS staff regarding groups and officer of the day assignments. Coordinator over-sees clinicians and collaborates with program director/manager and clinical supervisors to ensure that high quality substance abuse and mental health services consistent with the agency mission are delivered. Coordinator is to assist with maintaining order and cleanliness of site. Coordinator assists with training staff, facilitation of clinician compliance with paperwork, as well as compliance with data organization and collection. Coordinator assists with hiring interns and evaluation of interns. Coordinator assists with obtaining outcome measures and information required for monthly billing.



  1. Weekly supervision with Clinical Supervisor and other staff as appropriate.

  2. Weekly meetings with program director/manager

  3. Attend internal meetings including case consultation meetings and other meetings as assigned by program manager.

  4. Attend external meetings regarding County/funding streams/documentation/AVATAR as needed

  5. Complete Medi-Cal billing for whole program – includes tracking Medi-Cal paperwork with clinicians and communicating important dates/deadlines for further authorization

  6. Assist with interviewing/hiring new trainees/interns/staff.

  7. Coordinate staff recruitment efforts and training of new trainees, interns and staff in conjunction with the Program Director.

  8. Develop and maintain plan to ensure staff representation at team meetings.

  9. Review and ensure appropriateness of client referrals; make admission decisions and assign clients to clinician caseloads and groups.

  10. Responsibility for compliance with program guidelines regarding client behavior within the program. Assist in coordination of the process team when an infraction occurs within the program. Communicate actively with the Program Director in such instances.

  11. Provide individual, group, assessment, and psycho-educational services for clients.

  12. Participate actively in the assessment of clients and the development of client treatment and aftercare plans.

  13. Maintain confidential records and case notes documenting interventions with clients.

  14. Ensure timely submission of monthly, quarterly, and annual statistics to StarVista Admin and Program Manager. Review all program statistics monthly to ensure adequate progress toward goals and outcomes, develop action plan in conjunction with Program Manager if program is not on track.

  15. Maintain awareness of contract requirements for programs and ensure that these requirements are met.

  16. Ensure timely submission of monthly billings to main office.

  17. Support facility cleanliness and reporting facility maintenance needs to the Office Manager and Program Manager.

  18. Maintain current awareness of issues in the field, specifically issues related to cooccurring disorder assessment and treatment.

  19. Cultivate and maintain strong, positive relationships with colleagues in other agencies, administrators of county departments, and other community stakeholders.

  20. Other duties as assigned by the Program Director or Department Director.


  1. Demonstrable and verifiable coordination/management skills and experience in providing successful supervisory oversight of treatment program activities.

  2. Demonstrable and verifiable clinical skills and experience in providing individual, group, and family services. Significant understanding of special issues of individuals referred to substance abuse treatment through law enforcement avenues and individuals involved in multiple county systems.

  3. Strong ethical principles reflected in practice, including a thorough understanding of client confidentiality requirements, appropriate clinical record keeping, and federal/state laws governing services delivered in each program.

  4. Understanding of diversity issues, willingness to explore self in relation to these issues, and ability to provide culturally informed therapeutic services to diverse clientele.

  5. Ability to tactfully and genuinely hold and communicate a management perspective in addition to seeking staff input and demonstrating sensitivity to staff concerns.

  6. Strong organization, communication, supervisory, and leadership skills.

  7. Ability to function as a member of a multidisciplinary team with diplomacy and professionalism.

  8. Ability to work as a team member with staff and upper management to accomplish tasks supporting the agency’s mission.


Oversee and support intern/trainee staff.


Work in a clinical environment, collaborating with management and clinical supervisors to oversee clinicians providing mental health and substance abuse services for adolescents, some of whom are involvement in multiple county systems, most of whom are court-ordered.


Demonstrable and verifiable skills, abilities, and qualities commensurate with specific position requirements. Graduate degree in Social Work, Family Therapy, or Psychology. Registered with the BBS.


  • Commitment to high standards in clinical practice and familiar with best practices in areas of clinical service.

  • Adept at providing clinical services to clients.

  • Enjoys working with adolescents involved in multiple county systems. Strong interest in system integration efforts and case management.

  • Interest in working with individuals and families of disadvantaged socioeconomic status.

  • Strength based orientation to client and family assessment and treatment.

  • Understanding of and ability to work within a “harm reduction” model of substance abuse treatment.

  • Ability to work as a member of a management team and to promote positive team collaboration and functioning.

  • Ability to work effectively with professionals from other organizations.

  • Well-developed communication and organization skills.

  • Ability to prioritize management tasks and meet deadlines.

  • Collaborates actively with upper management to ensure the success of the program. Reflects strong, principled leadership approach to supervision and coordination/ management.

  • Supportive of agency direction, purpose, and mission.

  • Flexibility in meeting changing priorities as the work requires.

  • Able to make logical and sound decisions for appropriate and effective results, understanding of when to seek help rather than use own judgment.


Reports to the Program Director/Manager Exempt, 40 hrs/week, Benefits include health, dental, and vision, sick leave, vacation, personal days, and holiday pay.  


Send cover letter and resume to Nubia Barraza,