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"Kudos on such a well-crafted and skillfully facilitated event! The diversity of perspectives and backgrounds of the panelists was perfect. The whole morning felt reassuring and motivating in the honesty and action-oriented nature of the discussions. So timely and needed!" - David Fleishman, Executive Director, 4Cs of San Mateo County (January 19, 2017)

"I attended the convening, "Reflect, Respond, & Engage: San Mateo County and The National Trajectory" hosted by the Thrive Alliance and moderated by Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center this morning. It was excellent. I had the privilege of welcoming the group of 100 +/-nonprofits and community leaders in attendance. All agreed that despite the many unknowns of the next administration, we are stronger in San Mateo County because we collaborate, communicate and cooperate to get things done on behalf of all of our residents. We are welcoming and inclusive county and we will continue these traditions. Thank you to Thrive Alliance, all the nonprofits and community leaders in attendance." - Supervisor Warren Slocum, San Mateo County (Jan 19, 2017)

"I have been a member of Thrive since 2001. I originally joined the organization to network with non-profits on behalf of my students for potential internships. What I received was so very much more. I had access to a wealth of resources via the listserv and networking which assisted me in building a strong service-learning, volunteerism and leadership program at the college.  As a local resident it is validating to know that in San Mateo County we have an organization that is truly the voice of non-profit for the betterment of our community. Thrive is an invaluable organization in continuing to keep San Mateo County on the forefront of creating a collaborative community for all." - Beverley Madden, Board Member, College of San Mateo


"Thrive is a vital part of San Mateo County and Porcia Chen Silverberg is the driving force that makes us grateful for the nonprofit sector in our community. San Mateo County has often been in the forefront to start programs that are then adopted statewide.  Thrive reaches out to the business, government, religious sectors as well as nonprofit entities. It deserves our support." - Bill Somerville, Founder, Philanthropic Ventures Foundation

Thrive allows me to talk with other professionals about opportunities that affect myself and my organization. The exposure to meetings, events, and community leaders makes membership invaluable. - Dirk Alvarado, Executive Director, Sonrisas Community Dental Center

"Our organization, Pacific Stroke Association, has been a Thrive member for over 5 years. As an ED, I thank Thrive for its continued commitment and attention to the need of small non-profits. The best reward from Thrive membership came to us recently by the way of having one of its staff member (trained and ready to take on a bigger role in non-profit) join our organization." Rezvan Moghaddam, Executive Director, Pacific Stroke Association


Thrive is a vital part of the nonprofit sector in San Mateo County and a bridge between sectors. Led by dynamic Executive Director Porcia Chen Silverberg, this organization brings together nonprofits, the faith community, business and government to work together to make our community strong and vibrant. Utilizing this ever-stronger network, Thrive is in the forefront of emergency preparedness. Nonprofit partners not only plan and prepare for disasters, but make the necessary connections across sectors to respond quickly and appropriately when disaster hits. Our support of Thrive will lead to even more collaboration and successful projects in San Mateo County.Susan Takalo, Director of Programs and Services, Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.

Thrive helps our organizations communicate and interact with our private sector partners. We exchange information critical to our missions to keep our citizens safe. - Rob Silano, Northern Cal Regional Intelligence Center, Menlo Park Fire Protection District

Having worked with so many nonprofits as a municipal governmental liaison, I saw the importance of the regular convening of nonprofit organizations, enabling nonprofit leaders to connect and collaborate around issues and topics that effect their agencies and the whole sector. I joined the board because I saw how Thrive could help be a conduit across sectors and help provide a voice, networking and education opportunities to all agencies and staff - helping the sector thrive, which in turn, helps our communities thrive. For a small organization, it has made a big impact in San Mateo County. - Heather Stewart

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“The current economic crisis challenges government and nonprofit organizations to stretch limited financial resources in the face of dramatically increased demands for services. Thrive and its Executive Director Porcia Chen Silverberg have led the way in effectively tackling this challenge by bringing together nonprofit, government, business and civic leaders to work collaboratively to identify and address the pressing needs in our community." -Jerry Hill, California State Senator

Thrive is a great resource for San Mateo County nonprofit organizations. Their quarterly forums, Leadership Circle luncheons, and other programs provide resources, learning opportunities, and connections to other groups making an impact in our community. In addition, Thrive members are able to share messages about programsevents, job postings, and other resources through the email list-serv to extend our reach and learn about what others are working on. - Adrienne Etherton, Exectuive Director, Sustainable San Mateo County