Welcome to Thrive, The Alliance of Nonprofits for San Mateo County

A robust, trusted network of 200+ nonprofit organizations, government entities, foundations, businesses, and community leaders with a shared commitment to strengthening the nonprofit sector, thereby improving the quality of life in San Mateo County. Thrive unites the voice and influence of nonprofits, helps build their capacity, and enables effective cross-sector collaboration.

Thrive Programs

Policy & Advocacy

To unite the voice and influence of nonprofits by monitoring the policy landscape, communicating potential changes, and advocating for the overall health of the sector and community.


Cross-Sector Collaboration

To bridge nonprofits with other sectors (philanthropy, businesses, government) through networking, strong cross-sector partnerships, and by being a resource.

nonprofit capacity building.png

Nonprofit Capacity Building

To build the capacity of nonprofits to help them solve the most urgent challenges that impact their work and ability to meet their clients’ needs.

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